‘Grey water’ tech being fitted to nursery new-builds

TWO nursery schools being built in Glasgow are being fitted with a rainwater collection facility (for example, off roofs) where the resulting ‘grey’ water will be used to flush toilets.

The tech – at Broomhill and Govanhill (Cuthbertson) nurseries – will also help minimise the risk of local flooding, in the event of a heavy rainfall.

The two nurseries are also part of four new-build nurseries – the other two being Carntyne and Tollcross Park – being fitted with air source heat pumps (powered by low-carbon electricity) to deliver receive warmth and hot water.

The grey water systems are linked to a ‘Smart Water Management Hub’, which uses predictive weather technology to reduce the likelihood of localised flood risk ahead of a storm event.

Says an announcement issued by the city’s council (here): “As part of the council’s overall programme of Early Years [aka nursery education] investment to deliver the Scottish Government’s commitment of 1,140 hours of flexible early learning and childcare, the Generation 5 new-build programme will provide over 300 childcare placements as well as support the registration of a number of outdoor Early Learning and Childcare placements.

“The inclusion of sustainable technology in the new-builds is being supported by grant funding of £329,313 from the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP). This funding will help to increase the number of buildings within the estate operating low-carbon technologies, provide a platform for new skills and knowledge to be gained and embedded across the council as well as supporting Glasgow’s Climate Emergency Plan and our desire to achieve net zero carbon in the city by 2030.”

Picture credit: City of Glasgow Council

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