Hawick film project recognised in regeneration awards

A FILM project in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick has been named a winner in awards recognising regeneration efforts in Scotland.

National regeneration agency, SURF, has awarded Alchemy Film & Arts the Creative Regeneration prize, among five category prizes in its annual awards.

Alchemy Film & Arts is based in the arts, cinema, theatre and cafe complex, Heart of Hawick (pictured), in the town centre.

It says of itself: “We work with communities and artists both locally and internationally, using film as a way to come together, have conversations and make positive change.”

The category prize winners are as follows:

  • Housing and Regeneration: Taighean a’ Chaiseil (Staffin, Skye). A £1.6million regeneration project to address the housing, health and business needs of Staffin, delivering six new family homes.
  • Creative Regeneration: Alchemy Film & Arts (Hawick, Scottish Borders). Alchemy provide year-round access to cultural and creative learning opportunities and deliver one of Scotland’s biggest experimental film festivals.
  • Community-led Regeneration: Bressay Development Ltd – Speldiburn (Bressay, Shetland). A community-led venture to repurpose a closed school and multi-court in order to retain communal space and ensure community ownership of the facilities.
  • Supporting Youth Employability: The Larder (West Lothian). Working across West Lothian, The Larder provide educational and work pathway support for young people unable to identify their next step.
  • Improving Scotland’s Places: Living Alloa (Clackmannanshire). In response to challenges, Clackmannanshire Council, the community, third sector and businesses have come together to shift the dial on the social, economic and environmental issues facing the town centre.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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