Housing evidence body issues suggestions for incoming ScotGov

EVIDENCE-based policy area suggestions have been published, aimed at assisting the new Scottish Government shape its housing plans.

Elections for the Scottish Parliament are taking place on May 6, and the policy area suggestions – ten of them – have been produced by the Glasgow-based UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).

A similar document has also been produced for the incoming Welsh Government, which will be also elected on May 6.

Says CaCHE (here): “As we await the elections in Scotland, this new paper sets out evidence-informed priorities for the incoming Scottish Government this draws on evidence researchers have produced in the last three years to build a case for policy ideas that they think are worthy of further consideration the new Scottish Government after the election in May.”

The areas CaCHE believe merit consideration are:

  • End-to-end evidence;
  • Retrofit;
  • Improving the existing housing stock;
  • Land, planning and supply;Design value and neighbourhoods;
  • Design value and neighbourhoods;
  • Towards a social housing supply programme;
  • Affordable intermediate interventions;
  • Private renting;
  • Wealth and tax reform; and
  • Homelessness prevention.

Picture credit: CaCHE

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