Hydrogen energy programme launched with funding pledge

THE possibility of generating a sixth of Scotland’s energy requirements by the end of the decade – using the ‘green’ energy source of hydrogen – is being supported by Scottish Government funding that could eventually total £100m.

The move is a response to the climate challenge; not least the polluting impact and depletion of fossil fuels.

Says the Scottish Government, the first tranche of investment will be a £10 million ‘Hydrogen Innovation Fund’, to be launched next year to “drive technological progress and advance innovation and cost reduction within the emerging sector”.

Says an announcement, here: “Backed by more than £100 million of funding, the draft Hydrogen Action Plan sets out the strategic approach the Scottish Government will take with industry to help make Scotland become a leading nation in the production of reliable, competitive and sustainable hydrogen.”

The Hydrogen Action Plan is currently in draft form, inviting views (by a deadline of January 19 next year). Were 5GW’s worth of energy be produced by hydrogen, it would heat an estimated 1.5 million homes.

The announcement adds: “Separately, the Scottish Government’s Energy Transition Fund is being expanded to up to £75 million to deliver £15 million of investment in an Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub which will develop on-the-ground infrastructure to support the growth of a hydrogen transport fleet and the deployment of new applications across the north east.

“Additional investment will be made to support the continuing advancement of the technology, including £100,000 to support collaborative industry-academia projects through the Energy Technology Partnership, £150,000 for German-Scottish hydrogen research collaboration, and public and private sector joint funding for a study to explore options for the export of hydrogen from Scotland to Germany.”

Pictured: an artist’s impression of Flotta Hydrogen Hub, Orkney. Picture credit: Flotta Hydrogen Hub.

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