Increase in communal bins credited with reduction in overflowing waste

AN increase in the number of communal bins – provided on the street for Edinburgh residents – is being credited with a reduction in overflowing waste.

Says the local authority, here: “Figures published for January-March 2023 show that the number of requests reporting overflowing bins in the areas where new communal bin hubs have been installed have decreased significantly, with a drop of 85 per cent recorded for communal mixed recycling bins compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

The announcement continues: “There has also been a rise of almost ten per cent in the amount of mixed recyclables being collected citywide. This demonstrates the contribution of the project to increasing recycling collected, as one of its key aims is to make sure residents using communal bins have greatly improved access to mixed as well as other kinds of recycling such as glass and food waste.

“Other highlights are a citywide increase in the amount of mixed recycling, and glass and food waste collected in 2022/23 compared to previous years. Of particular note is the glass collected from on-street communal bins increasing from an average of 2,900 tonnes in 2019/20 to nearly 3,800 tonnes representing an increase of 30-35 per cent on pre-[Covid-19] pandemic levels.”

A report on the bins strategy performance is to be heard on Thursday, by the council’s Transport and Environment committee.

Pictured: Before the new bins rollout, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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