Islands group acquired by conservation charity

A GROUP of islands off the west coast of Scotland has been acquired by the conservation charity, the National Trust for Scotland.

Says the NTS, in an announcement, here: “The Treshnish Isles are a group of eight uninhabited islands and many more skerries, located in the Inner Hebrides to the west of Mull.

“The entire archipelago is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the islands are known for their distinctive silhouette in the seascape – especially Bac Mor or the Dutchman’s Cap.

“In summer, many of the islands are covered in rich grasslands and abundant wildflowers. They are also internationally significant as a nesting site for many seabird species – including guillemots, razorbills, puffins, kittiwakes, fulmars, shags and skuas.”

There is no mention of a purchase price in the announcement, except: “The Treshnish Isles have been in the care of The Hebridean Trust since 2000 and were transferred to the National Trust for Scotland this month. The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA has supported this acquisition, continuing a strong tradition of American support for conservation in this part of Scotland.”

Pictured: Bac Mor, Picture credit: National Trust for Scotland

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