Key Edinburgh road bridge to soon re-open

A KEY road bridge in the centre of Edinburgh is soon to reopen to two-way traffic, following almost 18 months of repair and restoration.

The city’s North Bridge has been closed to two-way traffic since November two years ago, but is set to reopen on April 21.

Says the local authority, The City of Edinburgh Council, here, the repair work has been mainly to the bridge’s concrete deck, which was last carried out during the 1930s.

Currently, the bridge is open to single traffic, heading south.

Adds the council: “In November 2021, investigations revealed the poor condition of concrete within the central part of the deck. Over the last 15 months contractors have replaced the deck’s reinforced concrete and installed a waterproofing system to protect the concrete and stop surface water passing into the structural steelwork below.

“Elsewhere on the bridge, complex restoration work continues, including structural steelwork repairs, which are largely complete. More recent phases have seen 80,000 new bolts installed and strengthening and repairs to almost 650 parts of the steelwork.

“Contractors have also started grit blasting and painting the bridge’s iconic façade, an 18-month process which signals the start of finishing works for the bridge.

“As well as removing existing coatings and surface corrosion through grit blasting, specialists have begun the intricate task of repainting the Victorian façade for the first time since 1990, using a combination of spray paint and hand painting with brushes.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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