Know thy neighbours?

MORE than half of Brits barely say a word to their neighbours – and 68 per cent of them describe their neighbours as ‘strangers’ – according to research published by the Skipton Building Society.

Furthermore, two-thirds of respondents to the survey admit that “days can pass without them even seeing others living on the same street”, while 73 per cent admit to not knowing their neighbours’ names.

Other findings include:

* Half of the respondents say they do not feel part of a ‘good neighbourly community’ and nine in ten admit they never volunteer to help out with local charities and groups;

* Only one in ten would assist with a local tidy up, 12 per cent would help with a charity event and four per cent of folk would organise a fundraiser or attend a fun run;

* 51 per cent of adults have no idea what the children next door are called, while 55 per cent don’t know what profession their neighbours work in;

* Two-thirds of respondents couldn’t even hazard a guess at the ages of those living in the house neighbour them, while three-quarters wouldn’t know the hobbies and interests of their neighbours have nor whether they have extended family;

* Just seven per cent of those polled would regularly socialise with their neighbours by way of dinner dates and barbeques. And less than one in ten would consider organising and getting involved in a street party to get to know everyone better; and

* A fifth of respondents admit the only reason they interact with their neighbours is when they want a favour done, such as watering plants or feeding the cat. And the same percentage admit that “just because they live next door to someone, does not mean they have to be friends with them”.

The research was carried out by, and reported by, among others, the Independent newspaper, here.