Latest ‘affordable’ and ‘social rent’ homes statistics

THERE have been 122,201 homes built in Scotland deemed to be ‘affordable’, including for ‘social rent’, since 2007-08.

The figure – up to the end of March this year – has been revealed by the Scottish Government, which has been on a more recent journey “to deliver 110,000 ‘affordable’ homes by 2032, of which at least 70 per cent will be for social rent and ten per cent will be in remote, rural and island communities”.

The 122,201 is made up for 86,240 ‘social rent’ and 35,961 ‘affordable’, which includes ‘affordable’ home ownership.

Across the Scotland’s local authorities, as noted here, Glasgow City Council has, since 2007-08, delivered 14,874 ‘social’ and 5,681 ‘affordable’ homes. The corresponding figures for the City of Aberdeen are 3,239 and 2,063; for Dundee City 1,577 and 433; and The City of Edinburgh Council 6,255 and 9,650.

Pictured: ‘Affordable’ homes in Edinburgh, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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