Leadership roles allocated to examine ten ‘top’ aspects of the construction industry

TEN aspects of the construction industry – deemed to require careful thought and possible reform – have had key individuals allocated, to take a leadership role.

The topics include workforce skills and modern methods of construction, and the individuals have been recruited from both the public and private sectors.

They include Graham Porteous, head of Construction Procurement Policy at the Scottish Government and Gordon Nelson, Scotland director of the Federation of Master Builders.

Says the Scottish Government-established Construction Leadership Forum, here: “Their appointment follows the publication last year of the Scottish Construction Accord by the Construction Leadership Forum, which is aimed at creating more successful businesses, enhancing working conditions for employees, improving the quality of construction and becoming a net zero [carbon emissions] industry.”

The ten topics are: procurement / supply chain management, ‘pipeline’ of work taking place, ‘fair’ work, quality, digital, net zero, supply chain development, workforce skills, modern methods of construction and data.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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