Maps aiming to help in the fight against coastal erosion

A SET of maps has been developed, to assist government (at both national and local level) address an estimated £1.2 billion of damage to Scotland, by the year 2050, caused by coastal erosion.

According to an announcement issued by the Scottish Government, at risk are buildings, transport infrastructure and ‘cultural and natural heritage’.

Says the Scottish Government (here): “As part of the Scottish Government’s Dynamic Coast project, funded by the Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW), the University of Glasgow has developed new maps to serve as a coastal change adaptation planning tool for government, agencies, local authorities as well as communities and businesses.

“With evidence from the maps, the government is encouraging local authorities to prepare coastal adaptation plans, supported by an additional £12 million of investment. In recognition of the heightened landscape of climate-related risk in Scotland, Dynamic Coast will form part of a wider national programme to build resilience.”

The announcement adds: “The Scottish Government has also already announced plans to host a National Climate Resilience Summit in the autumn, to raise awareness and build momentum across the public and private sectors in advance of [the United Nations climate change conference, in Glasgow, in November] COP26.”

Pictured: Gin Head, East Lothian. Picture credit: Place Design Scotland