Masonry inspections to begin on pair of East Lothian castles

MASONRY inspections are to begin on a pair of East Lothian castles, as part of a 40-site inspection regime being carried out by the Scottish Government heritage agency, Historic Environment Scotland.

The work – on Tantallon and Direlton castles – is expected to take a month.

Says HES, here: “Access restrictions were put in place at the sites last year as a safety precaution while HES, who manages the sites, introduced new measures to manage the impact of climate change on its heritage assets, an issue which is affecting heritage owners globally.”

HES adds: “Work is taking place at a number of sites across Scotland and HES has completed detailed, tactile inspections at 25 sites across the country since May [last year], with a further 13 due for completion by [this] spring, with work continuing to take place over the winter months.”

Pictured: Tantallon castle, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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