More on-street bike storage set for Edinburgh

PLANS have been announced to more than double the number of on-street bike storage units in Edinburgh.

To date, 108 of an initial phase of 180 units have been installed, with the local authority saying that just over £800,000 has been secured to make a further phase – comprising 200 units – possible.

Says The City of Edinburgh Council, here: “The council has secured £806,600 from the Scottish Government – via the Sustrans Places for Everyone Fund (here) and Cycling Scotland’s Cycle Storage Fund (here) – for contractors, Cyclehoop, to install the additional hangars. This will help meet a growing demand for secure, accessible bike parking, particularly for residents in tenements or flats.

“Since 2018, 108 of the 180 units included in the first phase have been put in place, with occupancy rates of over 99 per cent and more than 1,500 people currently on the waiting list for a space. Phase one is expected to be mostly complete by the end of June.

“There are already 371 requests for new hangar locations for phase two, with around six new requests received from residents every week.

“The council has established a system to cross reference new requests against suggested locations’ position in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), with priority weighting given to requests in lower decile areas of the SIMD.

“The supplier has also agreed to provide a number of adapted units that can hold cargo or adapted cycles to improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of the project.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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