Multi-billion investment programme announced for Scotland’s rail infrastructure

SCOTLAND’S rail infrastructure is poised to see £4.2 billion invested in it.

Says the UK’s rail infrastructure company, Network Rail, the investment is part of a five-year plan that aims to “deliver a safe, greener and more reliable railway”.

Says a media release issued by Network Rail, here: “In February this year, the Scottish Government published its High Level Output Statement and Statement of Funds Available detailing what it wants Scotland’s Railway to deliver and how much funding was available to make that happen.

“Funding for enhancements to the railway are not included in this settlement, but Scotland’s Railway [the colloquial term, describing the involvement of Network Rail, ScotRail, Transport Scotland and other partners and organisations] will continue to deliver a greener railway and support the Scottish Government’s net zero [carbon emissions] ambitions.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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