National art collection plans another step in Granton regeneration

PLANS have been submitted for a new storage, conservation, community and research space, that is expected to contribute significantly towards ongoing regeneration of the Granton area of Edinburgh, in the north of the city.

The plans envisage a 11,000 sq metre facility – to conserve Scotland’s art collection, aka the National Collection, managed by the National Galleries of Scotland.

The space, called The Art Works, will be operated by National Galleries of Scotland, housing pieces from the National Collection which are not on display in the galleries operated by the National Galleries or elsewhere.

Says a media released issued, here, by the National Galleries of Scotland: “Located in one of Scotland’s most diverse yet socio-economically deprived areas, the facility sits at the centre of the Granton Waterfront regeneration area and will make a significant contribution to the regeneration process. It will seek to be inclusive, connecting to other facilities and partners in the area, both physically and visually.”

Up to now, the National Collection has been stored across several different sites.

The media release continues: “Previously known as the National Collection Facility, proposals for a building of this kind have been in the early stages of concept development since 2015. Now known as The Art Works, the project aims to bring Scotland’s vast and extraordinary national art collection into a single, future-proofed location.”

Picture credit: JMP Architects

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