Nature restoration project set for west Sutherland

A NATURE restoration project is set for a wild landscape in the north of Scotland.

Some 67 square kilometres of west Sutherland – stretching from Ledmore to Oykel Bridge and owned by the Scottish Government agency, Forestry Land Scotland – has been identified for a restoration of blanket bog plus the planting of new native woodland as well as new, mixed species and productive forestry.

Says a media release issued on behalf of Forestry Land Scotland, here: “FLS’s vision is that in ten years’ time, much of the diseased and windblown forest of non-native conifers will have been removed and the first stage of restoring some 1400 hectares of blanket bog will have been completed.

“Areas of native woodland that have been felled will be replanted. Entirely new native woodlands will be created and native riparian woodlands will be allowed to establish on the banks of the burns, rivers and lochs.

“Over time, natural regeneration in the Einig Caledonian Forest will tilt more heavily towards native woodland of pine, birch, aspen and rowan.

“FLS also expects that, by the end of 2032, it will have harvested mature conifer forests and altered the hydrology of the area to enhance the habitat needed by wading birds such as plover and dunlin.”

Picture credit: Forestry Land Scotland

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