Network promises to help us all share and repair

A NETWORK of premises – such as cafe and workshop space – is to be set up across Scotland to help people share resources, such as hand tools, and repair items such as furniture, to save having to buy replacements.

Says a Scottish Government announcement, here: “Some £320,000 is being made available “to help fund a new national network of community sharing libraries and repair cafes as part of a drive to reduce consumption and cut waste”.

The funding is jointly coming from the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland, which is a not-for-profit environmental organisation, part-funded by the Scottish Government.

Adds the Scottish Government announcement: “The facilities allow people to borrow items such as high-quality tools, equipment, clothes and toys rather than buying them.

“The scheme – overseen by the Circular Communities Scotland charity in collaboration with Edinburgh Tool Library and Edinburgh Remakery – will also see more repair cafes set up to teach people the skills to repair items.”

Says Circular Communities Scotland, here, in its own announcement: “The scheme aims to significantly increase sharing and repair facilities across the country, in order to reduce consumption and offer Scottish communities sustainable and affordable alternatives to buying new.

“This aligns directly with our vision to see a thriving circular economy in Scotland, with communities benefiting from the social, environmental and economic impacts.”

Last year, a study identified 24 repair cafes and sharing library projects in Scotland and the intention is to increase this to 100 in the next three years.

The Scottish Government announcement adds: “New and existing sharing libraries and repair schemes will be able to access a range of support to set up, meet standards, train staff, mentor new projects and to establish relationships with local authorities and housing associations.

“The network will also encourage groups to share donations. For example, Edinburgh Tool Library is due to receive 450 tools from a local housing association and provides regular support to other tool libraries across the UK.”

Pictured: Edinburgh Tool Library, picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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