New approach beginning to tackle homelessness in Glasgow

A NEW way of tackling homelessness has provided a raft of secure tenancies for people considered homeless in Glasgow.

Housing First – pioneered in Finland – is about providing, as quickly as possible, housing to homeless people and then building support services around them. It contrasts with the more conventional approach of providing support first to help ensure a person is ready to be offered a tenancy.

And in Glasgow, some 250 secure tenancies have been created.

Says a City of Glasgow media release (here), featuring the personal experience of a beneficiary of Housing First: “Housing First is a rapid re-housing approach to tackling homelessness amongst people with complex needs, such as mental health or addiction issues. It turns conventional homelessness practice on its head.

“Previously, people were supported to tackle complex needs in a bid to become ‘tenancy ready’. New thinking concludes that housing should be provided rapidly and be supplemented by intensive support to address health issues and tenancy longevity.”

Pictured: Building gable mural, Mitchell Street, Glasgow, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland