New-builds to require vehicle charging points

THE Scottish Government is to legislate to ensure property developers provide electric vehicle charge points in the construction of new residential and non-residential buildings.

Says the government agency, Transport Scotland, the move follows a consultation launched last year – here.

Continues Transport Scotland, here: “The proposals aim to support and encourage the growing uptake of electric vehicles by ensuring that all new homes, including flats, with a dedicated car parking space are built with an electric charge points, making charging easier, cheaper and more convenient for drivers.

“The new building regulations will mean that new residential buildings with a parking space have at least one electric vehicle [EV] charge point with a minimum 7kW rating. For new non-residential buildings with more than ten parking spaces, one in every ten would be expected to provide an EV charge point socket with a minimum 7kW rating. There are also requirements for residential and non-residential buildings undergoing major renovation to provide charge points.”

It continues: “To update the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, the Scottish Government will put forward secondary legislation for the consideration of the [Scottish] Parliament by the end of the year.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland