New litter picking hub the 88th in the city

RESIDENTS in the Tollcross area of Glasgow – in the east of the city – are being provided free use of litter picking equipment in the latest of 88 ‘community litter hubs’ dotted around the city.

A map – produced, here, by the local authority – sets out how local people can get in touch with litter picking initiatives near where they live.

Says the council, in a media announcement, here: “The Tollcross hub is among the first to carry a new QR code which enables people to scan it and log the amount and types of litter they have collected as well as highlighting any hotspots sites.

“The council will use this data to target its staff and resources to tackle specific problems identified in the community. An annual Tidy Tollcross Together event already receives good support from the local community and the new hub will make it easier for people to access equipment to carry out more events.

“Around 35 people of all ages attended the Tollcross hub launch and collected dozens of bags of litter from surrounding streets.”

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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