New planning framework aiming to make ‘greening’ land ‘easier’

ON the day that Scottish Government ministers formally adopted (as noted, here) a new national planning framework (fourth edition), the government has today announced the move in terms of making it ‘easier’ to restore vacant and derelict land into ‘green space’.

Begins a Scottish Government media release, here: “Projects returning former industrial or derelict sites to community use will be more likely to be approved following the introduction of long-term planning reforms.”

The release goes on to say: “Local authorities are encouraged to support proposals for development that will help restore green spaces under the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4), as part of local development plans. The policy against which planning applications will be assessed for the next decade comes into effect today.”

The release continues: “Policies in the NPF4 will also: (1) enable more renewable energy generation, outside National Parks and National Scenic Areas, to support the transition away from reliance on fossil fuels; (2) Regenerate city and town centres to help them adapt to economic change, while restricting some out-of-town retail and drive through developments; and (3) Support the delivery of good-quality, affordable homes in neighbourhoods where people can easily access shops, schools and workplaces within a 20-minute walk or cycle.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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