Next phase begins on restoration of Mackintosh Building

THE restoration of the world-renowned Glasgow landmark, the Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building – twice destroyed by fire – has reached a significant milestone, following the completion of ‘phase one’.

The building, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, was extensively damaged when a blaze broke out in June 2018 as it neared the end of a multi-million-pound restoration project following a previous fire in May 2014.

Says the Glasgow School of Art, here: “The first phase of physical preparation works for the rebuild of the Mackintosh Building has been completed with massive amounts of fire-damaged material removed from the site, and a complex and meticulous evaluation of the building.”

It is estimated over 5,500 of tonnes of material have been removed from the building, during which time every stone and brick in the building was checked over.

Phase two of the project, which includes “enabling works for the faithful reinstatement of the building” is now underway.

In the coming months, work will then begin to reinstate the internal structure, which will enable the building to become self-supporting, and to construct a temporary roof. 

Adds the GSA: “Our vision for the Mackintosh Building is that it will be home for a GSA Graduate School bringing together our postgraduate students with researchers from across the globe who are making world-leading, innovative work. We will also bring back to their original use key spaces such as the drawing studios, which will be timetabled for all students, recognising that drawing is already a distinctive and defining attribute of the GSA graduate.”

Picture credit: Glasgow School of Art / McAteer

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