Next steps approved in Aberdeen beach masterplan

THE next steps in the proposed transformation of Aberdeen’s beach front has been approved by the city’s councillors.

Says Aberdeen City Council, here: “Councillors at the full council meeting approved a framework for proceeding and monitoring phase one of the transformation – for which preparatory work was agreed in December – which will see the creation of a new urban park, an events park, new landscaping and structures on [the area overlooking the beach] Broadhill, as well as cycle lanes.”

The announcement continues: “The approved motion also initiates a plan which will see the historic Castlegate become a gateway to the city’s beachfront – with the chief officer (strategic place planning), being instructed to carry out consultation with key stakeholders on creating an active travel and public transport link through the Castlegate to deliver this objective as part of the Beach Connectivity Project and to report to a future council meeting on this.”

Picture credit: Aberdeen City Council

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