Number of Scots households up to 2.55m

A FIFTEEN per cent increase in the number of households in Scotland has been registered, between 2002 and 2022 – up to a total of 2.55 million.

Says the National Registers of Scotland, here: “The number of households in 2021 and 2022 increased by around 21,000 each year, the highest figures since 2008.

“Every council area saw the number of households increase over the last 20 years. The highest percentage increases were in Orkney Islands (28 per cent), East Lothian (27 per cent), and Midlothian (26 per cent). The lowest percentage increases were in Inverclyde (four per cent), Dundee City (seven per cent) and West Dunbartonshire (seven per cent).

“Of the 2.70 million dwellings in Scotland in 2022, 90,700 (three per cent) were empty. 

“A total of 24,300 (one per cent) dwellings were second homes. Remote rural areas generally have higher proportions of empty and second homes than urban areas.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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