One in ten Scots identify ‘improving housing’ as their top priority

ONE in ten Scots want the Scottish Government to improve housing, as their top priority – according to a survey of the nation’s attitudes.

Says the annual Social Attitudes Survey, here, the top priority among those surveyed was (1) ‘improving standards of education’ (scoring 21 per cent), followed by (2) ‘reducing inequality’ (19 per cent) and (3) ‘improving the economy’ (18 per cent).

At ten per cent, ‘improving housing’ came in fifth, behind ‘improving people’s health’ (17 per cent).

At eight per cent was ‘reducing environmental problems’, followed by ‘improving public transport'(at two per cent).

That said, there were differences of opinion among different age groups and those of different political persuasions.

For instance, 20 per cent of people aged 45-54 and 28 per cent of people aged 54-65 chose as their top priority ‘improving the economy’, a sentiment shared by only ten per cent of those in the 16-34 age bracket. Meanwhile, 30 per cent of that age group, 16-34, voted as their No.1 ‘reducing inequality’.

The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey has been going since 1999.

A Scottish Government announcement, here, features the likes of attitudes towards the Scottish Government, the cost of living and taxation.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland