PLACE matters. Places such as our kitchen, our home, our street, our town and our countryside.

The editorial possibilities associated with place design in Scotland are huge, and it is our fervent wish to gather the collective wisdom of all those involved and interested in place design.

Bold ambitions

The whole could be truly greater than the sum of the parts. Our aim is to simply champion good ideas that might help make our places better.

If you have a story to tell, don’t be shy.

Assuming nothing

We make no assumptions of people’s prior knowledge, seeking content that can be read by all. Our target readership is simply anyone engaged with the place they call home – whether that’s their own, personal home or the streets and hills they walk.

While we might baulk at carrying blatant self-promotion (advising that we have, for that purpose, our soon-to-launch media release posting and directory services), we would be much more relaxed with copy that is not advertorial but nevertheless carries the name and organisation details of an author.

Ghost writing

Or we can ghost-write editorial, on your behalf.

To be clear, we are in the business of looking for possible solutions; we are not about carrying ‘knocking copy’ (believing that criticism usually achieves little change).

So, if you have something to offer, that might help in making our places better, then we would love to hear from you.

Our interests

On subjects including: affordability, bar and cafe design, bathroom and kitchen design, bio-diversity, car park design, car sharing, circular economy, clean water supply, climate change, community ownership and decision-making, consultation, cultural and community assets, factory-made housing, food production and distribution, furniture, garden design, ground works, infrastructure projects, interior design, heritage, housing density, housing need, land, litter collection and management, maintenance and repair, medical facilities, neighbourliness, office and factory design, personal safety, planning and design codes, power generation and distribution, public art, refuse and recycling, regeneration, renewable energy, renovation, retail, roofing, schools design, single-use plastics, skills training, sport and recreation, streetscape design, traffic management, transport, walks, waste water and sewage treatment, well-being economy, whole life housing, wildlife habitats, and workspaces.

The list goes on and on, and, with your help, we could become a resource as comprehensive as it is already ambitious.