Over 110,00 ‘affordable’ and ‘social rent’ homes completed since 2007/08

OVER 110,000 homes that are either ‘affordable’ or for ‘social rent’ have been completed, since the financial year 2007/08.

The figures – issued by the Scottish Government, here – include a total for the year 2022-23, up to the end of the first three months: 1,250 completions.

The government announcement makes no mention of what exactly constitutes an ‘affordable home’, but safe to say it is a home available to people at less than market rates. ‘Social rent’ will be less expensive than ‘affordable’.

The exact figure of 112,993 was made up of 79,187 ‘social rent’ homes and 33,806 ‘affordable’ ones.

The government figures are broken down by local authority area. For instance, The City of Edinburgh Council figures are 5,487 (social) and 8,627 (affordable) = 14,474, while Glasgow City Council’s are 14,283 (social) and 5,461 (affordable) = 19,744.

Additional note: for the ‘affordable and social rent’ homes completed between 2016/17 and 2021/22, see here: 50,000 homes.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland