Peatlands restoration scheme delivers increase of 25 per cent

A SCHEME to restore Scotland’s peatlands has increased the number of hectares of peatland ‘on the road to recovery’ to 5,000ha.

It means the initiative – being led by a dedicated team at the Scottish Government agency, NatureScot – has witnessed an increase by 25 per cent during the single year, 2022-23.

Says NatureScot, here: “Vital in the fight to tackle climate change, peat covers more than 20 per cent of Scotland and is crucial for water quality, richly diverse landscapes, slowing floods and wildfires, sustaining rural jobs and storing carbon.

“Peatlands in Scotland are estimated to hold the equivalent of 185 years’ worth of the country’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions. However, 80 per cent of the UK’s peatlands – the majority of which are in Scotland – are estimated to be damaged and in need of restoration.”

The announcement adds: “Working with a range of landowners and contractors across Scotland, NatureScot Peatland ACTION have completed over 50 restoration projects in 2022 – 2023.”

Picture credit: NatureScot / Lorne Gill

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