Plan revealed for Glasgow city centre

A PLAN, aiming to make Glasgow city centre more attractive to work, live, visit, study and invest in, has been approved by the city’s council.

Says a council announcement, here: “The plan – for the 2022-24 period – will feature a wide range of short- and long-term actions to deliver the city centre recovery.

“The plan follows the Glasgow City Centre Strategy 2014-19 which was the first five-year plan in a proposed ten-year strategy to inform city centre regeneration and development. 

“The new 2020-25 strategy had been produced and was being prepared for consideration by a council committee in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted the process and moved the city into an emergency response situation.”

As well as seeking to make the city centre more attractive, the plan is also aiming to maximise activity and footfall and employment and business development opportunities and embed climate change mitigation.

View the plan, here.

Pictured: Glasgow City Chambers, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland