Plan submitted for 50 new homes in Fife village

A PLAN has been submitted for a 50-home development in a village towards the East Neuk of Fife.

The proposal – which envisages 50 family homes, 15 of which will be ‘affordable’ – is being submitted by Aberdeenshire-based housing developer, Kirkwood Homes Ltd, working in partnership with the local Balcarres Estate.

It is set for land south of Main Steet in Colinsburgh.

The submission follows a handful of public consultation events.

Says a media release on behalf of the developers: “As a result of the overwhelming feedback from the local community, a key change from the original proposals results in the public access road onto Mayfield Terrace being amended to cyclist and pedestrian only to remove potential safety risk to residents, including local children, who use this road to access to the local park. The final plans also include a central shared parking courtyard which will have two points of access which in turn will reduce the sites traffic congestion and improve its parking facilities.”

Picture credit: Kirkwood Homes

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