Planning application fees to increase

THE cost of submitting a planning application to one’s local authority is to incur an increased fee, from April onwards.

Says a Scottish Government announcement (here), the fee per house (up to and including ten houses) will rise from £401 to £600 per property.

Between 11 and 49 houses, it will be £450 per unit. And from 50 houses upwards, it will be £250 per property. A maximum of £150,000 will apply.

The fees are payable irrespective of the outcome of the application process.

Says the Scottish Government: “This is the first time in eight years that there has been an increase to the standard planning application fees, providing much-needed additional resources to local authorities.”

The announcement seeks to reassure the fees hike will result in ‘improved performance’ by planning departments, but without giving exact details as to how.

“Local authorities will be able to decide how best to use any additional fee income to help improve locally-delivered planning services,” adds the Scottish Government.

It goes on to say: “Following a consultation in 2019, that sought views on reviewing the planning performance and fee regime, planning fees will rise from 1 April 2022. Planning fees have an important role in ensuring applicants, rather than the taxpayer, help cover the cost of determining planning applications.”

Had the increased fees been implemented at the time of the consultation, an estimated additional £1.2 million would have been gathered.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland