Planning advice issued for short-term let applications

PLANNING advice has been agreed, to guide how likely properties in Edinburgh are approved as short-term (particularly holiday) lets.

Since September last year, landlords wanting to convert a property in Edinburgh to a short-term let (so that it is no longer their home or part of their home) have had to apply for planning permission – incurring fees and legal costs.

And following a 12-week consultation, the council’s planning committee yesterday (here) agreed the different circumstances – not least location and size – by which a planning application might or might not be approved.

For instance: “Where the location is predominantly commercial in character and there are no residential properties in nearby, adverse impacts on amenity are less likely. This means it is more likely short-term lets (STLs) can be supported in such locations.”

But, also for instance: “Where the street has a quiet nature or low ambient noise levels (particularly at night-time), STL will not generally be supported. No weight will be given to the existence of neighbouring unlawful STLs as justification for the grant of planning permission for an STL.”

Throughout Scotland, new lets have needed to get a licence since last year while existing lets will need to apply by October 1, after the original deadline was postponed by six months.

Says The City of Edinburgh Council, here: “Applications for a change of use to short-term let accommodation will be assessed and determined against the development plan, both with respect to LDP policy Hou 7 and National Planning Framework 4 (NPF 4) policy 30(e), and material considerations.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland