Plans announced to merge land bodies

A ‘BETTER service for land-related issues within the justice system’ is being promised by a Scottish Government proposal to merge Scottish Land Court and the Lands Tribunal for Scotland into a single body.

Says a Scottish Government announcement (here), the move follows a public consultation conducted last year.

The proposal requires approval from the Scottish Parliament, which has SNP-Greens majority.

The announcement adds: “Joining the two bodies will provide a more streamlined service with personnel from each body being deployed flexibly.  It will create an ‘one-stop shop’, which will be a more efficient arrangement than currently offered. Having one legal body for the resolution of land cases will result in an immediate improvement making the process simpler, clearer and easier for those who need it.

“The court will continue to provide an unique, flexible and responsive approach to the needs of the rural community. Legislation will be brought forward to enact the change during the life of this [Scottish] Parliament, subject to parliamentary approval.”

Pictured credit: Place Design Scotland