Plans awaiting approval to make Glasgow city centre largely car-free

PLANS have been submitted for approval, to turn Glasgow city centre into a largely car-free zone.

The proposals – called the City Centre Transport Plan (CCTP) – envisage pedestrians being given priority in an area bounded by Hope Street, Cowcaddens Road, North Hanover / Glassford Street and Howard Street – plus other locations in the centre of the city.

The CCTP is now awaiting final approval from the city council’s City Administration Committee.

Says a council announcement, more than 3,000 comments were received in response to the plans in draft form.

The announcement, here, says: “The consultation indicated broad support for the recommendations of the draft CCTP, with 71 per cent of respondents strongly agreeing with the objectives of the plan. There was even stronger support for making the city centre more accessible to all, including pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport.”

And goes on to say: “Over the course of the ten-year life of the City Centre Transport Plan, it is expected that there will be a 23 per cent reduction in car trips to/from the city centre, a 43 per cent increase in walking and a 300 per cent increase in cycling. This will result in a corresponding 16 per cent decrease in CO2 emissions from city centre traffic.

“Similar public realm work to that which will take place through the CCTP have been shown to increase retail sales by up to 30 per cent. ¬†Retail vacancy was also 17 per cent lower after city centre improvements in other cities.”

Update, December 1 2022: Approved – as reported, here.

Pictured: Inside Glasgow City Chambers, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland