Plans being pursued to add to electric vehicle charging points in Edinburgh

PLANS are being pursued to instal 500 new electric car charging points across Edinburgh.

A business case is being developed by the local authority and the Scottish Futures Trust, which – were it to come off – would add to a current roster of 96 council-managed points (about twice as many bays, as itemised, here) and several dozen privately-operated ones in the likes of supermarket car parks.

The business plan will explore a mix of private-sector and local authority chargers, with 400 to be private sector (in supermarket and retail car parks, plus at petrol stations).

Says the local authority, in an announcement, here: “It is anticipated [the business case] will support the procurement of a commercial charge point operating partner to deliver most of the charge points while sharing any profits, as well as helping the council to unlock access to funding to install more chargers.

“Forecasting work has concluded that around 500 additional chargers would be needed to achieve a comprehensive network of public charging points.”

The council’s transport and environment committee approved the plans last Thursday.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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