Plans unveiled to tackle litter in Edinburgh

PLANS have been unveiled, to double the number of litter bins in the centre of Edinburgh.

The proposals – requiring approval from the city council’s environment and transport committee, meeting (here) on Thursday – follow a period of strike action by the city’s refuse teams during August, which saw litter piled high on the streets during a busy tourist season for the city.

Across the city there are approximately 3,300 litter bins, of which 350 are in the centre.

Says a report going to committee: “Subject to approval of additional funding, the number of litter bins in the city centre will be doubled and an annual refurbishment programme across all litter bins in the city [will be implemented], ensuing that every bin is refurbished or replaced each year.”

The assumption is that the cost will be £180,000 per year (revenue) and £495,000 (capital).

Says a council announcement, here: “The council’s award-winning ‘Our Edinburgh’ campaign – which was implemented after detailed research, community engagement and learning from industry experts, such as Keep Scotland Beautiful – will be developed further to support this work and will include a programme of planned engagement with key stakeholders, such as community councils and residents and will focus on areas such as fly tipping and illegal disposal of waste.”

Pictured: Outside Haymarket rail station, during the Edinburgh International Festival, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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