Play parks refurbishment programme announced

A THREE-year refurbishment programme has been agreed for children’s play parks across Scotland, with a £50m funding pot agreed between the Scottish Government and the local authorities’ representative body, CoSLA.

Says a Scottish Government announcement, here: “As set out in the 2021 Programme for Government (here), the Scottish Government will invest £60 million over the course of this Parliament to renew public, free-to-access play parks.

“The Scottish Government (as announced, here) provided £5 million towards this commitment in 2021 followed by a further £5 million available to local authorities in 2022.

The additional £50 million of funds will be allocated over three years on the following basis: 2023-24 – £10 million; 2024-25 – £15 million; and 2025-26 – £25 million.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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