Possible salvation in store for urban farm

A POSSIBLE salvation is being hatched for an Edinburgh urban farm, following its closure last month.

The representative body, Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council (EVOC), has agreed to manage a community-led project to find a possible solution to the closure of Gorgie Farm, in the west of the city.

Says an announcement from The City of Edinburgh Council, here, which owns the farm: “[EVOC’s] role will not be to run the farm, but to work with local community, and all stakeholders. This will result in a stronger plan for Gorgie City Farm to re-open, with a strong sustainable plan for the future.

“The first step will be for EVOC to bring together a steering group – expected to include representatives from the local voluntary sector, campaign groups, the local community and the Council – to work on identifying proposals that could secure its future.”

The council has leased the site to EVOC. Previously, the lease was held by the LOVE Learning group.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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