Progress being hailed on new rail station

CONSTRUCTION work on a new rail station – one of two new stations in east Fife to be connected to Scotland’s railway network (involving 19k worth of track, a mix of single and double) – is being hailed for the progress being made.

Says the UK railway infrastructure company, Network Rail, here, of the under-construction station of Leven: “The new Leven station is beginning to take shape after two months of intensive work on the site.

“Part of the £116m Scottish Government-funded Levenmouth Rail Link project, the station will reconnect local communities to the rail network for the first time in more than 50 years.”

The announcement adds: “One of two new stations on six-mile branch line, alongside Cameron Bridge, Leven station will boast 200m island platforms and a pebble-styled pavilion area which will mark the entrance to the new station.”

An estimated 1,800 tonnes of stone has been used for foundations to the station.

Picture credit: Network Rail

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