Proposed George Street redesign reaches final stages

WIDER pavements, the removal of buses and the creation of a ‘cycling street’ are among the amendments to a plan to turn an Edinburgh city centre street into a people-friendly boulevard.

Says an announcement (here), about the city’s George Street, from The Edinburgh of Edinburgh Council: “A final concept design for the project – which aims to create a people-friendly setting, better walking, cycling and wheeling links and a more attractive environment – was unveiled in February.

“A subsequent public engagement exercise in March revealed broad support for plans.

“Work with key stakeholder groups – including Edinburgh Word Heritage, Essential Edinburgh, Living Streets, George Street Association and [cycling group] Spokes – and consultation with the wider public has helped inform core elements and design principles to underpin final plans.”

The announcement continues: “The [amendments] include wider pavements on both sides of George Street, ‘greening’ and landscaping sensitive to the area’s heritage and the creation of a ‘cycling street’.

“Fundamental design elements also encompass the removal of buses and all other non-essential traffic from George Street, in line with the City Mobility Plan, as well as a reduction in parking bays to free up space for walking, cycling and wheeling.”