Public invited to debate capital plan for 2030

HOW Edinburgh might look and feel in seven years’ time is the subject of a public hearing, to be attended by Scottish Government officials.

It follows the submission, by the local authority, of its City Plan 2030, to the Scottish Government in December last year.

Says a council announcement: “City Plan 2030 is reaching an important stage in its journey to being Edinburgh’s adopted local development plan.

“The proposed City Plan 2030 was submitted to the Scottish Government for examination in December [last year]. A team of ‘reporters’ from the Scottish Government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) has been appointed; and the development plan examination began in February this year.

“As part of the examination, a hearing is scheduled to take place on [the 26th and 27th of this month, ie a week’s time] at the John McIntyre Conference Centre on the University of Edinburgh Pollock Halls campus, Edinburgh.”

The announcement continues: “Once the examination is complete, a Report of Examination will be sent to the planning authority. The council will then consider adopting the plan, including the recommendations of the report which could include proposed modifications to the plan. 

“After the examination, the City Plan 2030 should be adopted early to mid-2024, depending on when the council receives the Report on Examination from the DPEA.”

For more details on how to attend the hearing, telephone 0131 244 8173.

And the announcement finishes: “As we approach the adoption of City Plan 2030, we need to start thinking about the next local development plan which will be City Plan 2040. The development plan scheme outlines the early stages of City Plan 2040 which will be prepared under the new legislation and guidance which was published by the Scottish Government in May [this year].”

Pictured: Edinburgh’s Cowgate district, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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