Public invited to interrogate plans for an Eden Project in Dundee

THREE in-person meetings are to be held in Dundee over the coming weeks, providing the general public a preview and say on plans to establish a major gardens from the world-famous Eden Project in Cornwall.

The plans – which are being preceded by a Proposal of Application Notice – is to regenerate a former gas holder site just to the east of the city centre.

The meetings are scheduled for the 26th of this month, the 18th of next and September 13.

And in a media release issued by the Eden Project, here, there are supportive comments from both the leader of the local authority, Dundee City Council, and the principal and vice-chancellor of the University of Dundee.

Says the release: “Eden Project Dundee will be a landmark development for the city, transforming the former gasworks on East Dock Street into a beacon for regeneration and green tourism. It will encourage visitors to think, feel and act differently by revealing how we can learn from and be inspired by nature.

“The project will combine exhibits, performance, learning, play, immersive experiences, world-class horticulture, live music, art, and food, beverage and retail spaces, all integrated as essential parts of the overall experience.

“Work to create an Eden Project on this site would include the conversion of the existing gasholder, demolition of other buildings on the site and the construction of a pedestrian bridge.”

The release continues: “The Eden Project is working in partnership with Dundee City Council, The Northwood Charitable Trust and the University of Dundee.”

Picture credit: Eden Project, computer-generated image

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