Public realm improvements set for city centre site

PUBLIC realm improvements are expected to be carried out relatively soon in area of Glasgow city centre dominated by university buildings.

Says an announcement from Glasgow City Council, here, it has “agreed to the transfer of a city centre site to the University of Strathclyde to allow improvements in the public realm and greenspace”.

The announcement continues: “The site, bordered by North Portland Street, Rottenrow and Richmond Street, is proposed to benefit from major investment by the university to deliver public realm improvement works including the provision of a covered walkway, seating and performance space, raised walkways and regrading of gardens, planting and tree works, the pedestrian prioritisation of Rottenrow, North Portland Street, and Richmond Street featuring landscaping, parking reconfiguration – including cycle parking and [electric vehicle] charging points – and associated infrastructure and engineering works.

“Planning consent is in place for these works.”

Meanwhile, says the University of Strathclyde, here: “The University of Strathclyde has acquired ownership of three city centre streets which are set to be transformed as part of its Heart of the Campus development plans.

“Glasgow City Council transferred North Portland Street, Rottenrow and Richmond Street to the university at no cost, which will be prioritised for pedestrians as part of the wider improvement plans.”

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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