Recycling boost for Glaswegians

GLASWEGIANS are going to be able to soon separate their recycling into two distinct batches – to help improve recycling rates in the city.

It follows an award of £21m from the Scottish Government, which will see paper and cardboard (fibre) collected separately from metals, plastics, cartons and film (containers).

The local authority is also pitching in with funding.

Says a Scottish Government announcement, here: “Glasgow City Council has committed £20 million of its own budget to develop a new materials recycling facility, to process the twin collections, alongside other waste centre facilities. This will ensure capacity to process the increase in recycling collected and means that more materials will be reprocessed for new uses rather than thrown away.”

Glasgow City Council is planning to replace its existing Blochairn recycling centre. Says a council announcement, here: “The material recovery facility at Blochairn is now considered to be approaching the end of its useful life and it is anticipated that modern equipment will help to drive up the city’s recycling rates.

“The replacement for Blochairn has been earmarked for inclusion in plans to redeveloped fully the council’s site at Easter Queenslie, which currently operates as a household waste recycling centre and depot for cleansing services staff.”

The Scottish Government announcement adds: “Glasgow manages the largest share of household waste of any local authority in Scotland. This [new] project will save over 6,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.”

Pictured: an Edinburgh refuse lorry (sorry, it’s the only pic easily to hand), Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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