Regeneration agreed for quartet of Glasgow districts

REGENERATION plans for four Glasgow districts have been approved by members of the city’s local authority.

Councillors have given the go-ahead for ten-year regeneration plans (which they call ‘District Regeneration Frameworks’) for Cowcaddens, the Merchant City, Townhead and an area that is termed, the Learning Quarter (in and around the city’s cathedral).

The city says – here – that some 4,300 people were involved in a consultation exercise prior to the councillors’ decision.

It continues: “Five DRFs (the Blythswood, Broomielaw, Central, Sauchiehall/Garnethill and St Enoch districts) have already been approved and are currently being delivered. The development of these five DRFs has brought and will bring a number of projects and concepts to the city centre, including the Sauchiehall Avenue, the refurbishment of Garnethill Park, the submission and approval of a mixed-use development at the King Street carpark site, a feasibility study for the M8 cap, and design work for George Square.”

Adds the announcement, of each of the districts: “Cowcaddens: There is the potential to develop as a district with a distinct identity and to contribute to the local economy, with opportunities to provide the homes needed to increase the city centre population. It has the space for change and the talent to make it happen. Its existing communities, under-occupied buildings and land, its array of cultural and educational institutions all point to a positive future.

Learning Quarter: Its identity is defined by the cluster of cultural and built heritage on the one hand, and the presence of knowledge and innovation institutions on the other. The dual character offers clear starting points from which to strengthen its positions as an inspiring, historic innovation hub.

Merchant City: Where the city centre meets the East End, acting as a gateway between the two, this is a great local neighbourhood of international renown, and well connected to the future river park and Glasgow Green. Enhancing the Merchant City district’s position as a bustling artistic centre of creativity and entrepreneurship forms the basis of the suggested future developments.

Townhead: A residential area at heart, Townhead has long been home to many city centre residents. It holds great potential to develop into a green and enjoyable residential urban neighbourhood with spaces for production at the fringes, connected to productive areas in the west, historic landmarks in the east and innovation in the south.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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