Research backs role played by large land estates

LARGE land estates have been found to be major contributors towards the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Scotland, despite a common perception to the contrary.

That’s the conclusion of research commissioned by representative body, Scottish Land & Estates, from economic consultancy, BiGGAR Economics.

Says a media release issued by SL&E, here, large land estates….

  • provide homes for 13,000 families and land for 14,000 rural enterprises;
  • attract an estimated 5.4 million Scottish residents annually to enjoy the natural environment;
  • account for 58 per cent of Scotland’s renewable energy generating capacity;
  • make a substantial contribution to Scotland’s natural capital base through agricultural, forestry and renewable energy operations;
  • are important for carbon sequestration potential and nature-based tourism;
  • generate an estimated £2.4 billion GVA/year for the Scottish economy and support around 57,300 jobs – around one in ten rural jobs; and
  • have huge potential to help drive efforts to establish a wellbeing economy in Scotland and could be key delivery partners for a variety of related policy priorities.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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