Research supports switch to heat pumps

SCOTLAND could “successfully” switch from gas and oil, to heat its homes, to heat pumps – according to a report, published today.

Says the World Wildlife Fund (Scotland), here: “The analysis by Cambridge Architectural Research (here) found that heat pumps can be fitted in all types of Scottish home and are likely to be a cheaper way to heat our houses when Scottish Government proposals come into force in 2025.

“Around half of homes will require moderate cost insulation improvements to enjoy cheaper bills with heat pumps.

“With renewables providing the vast majority of Scotland’s electricity, they can also cut a typical Scottish home’s annual carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent.”

And WWF Scotland is calling for greater urgency:

  • Bringing forward the deadline for all homes in Scotland to reach a minimum standard of energy efficiency (from 2033 to 2030); and
  • The replacement of older and less efficient gas boilers, from 2025 (rather than 2030).

Says Cambridge Architectural Research: “This study explored combinations of electric heating (primarily heat pumps) and energy efficiency to reduce emissions from heating, as these are the most mature technologies available and recommended for widespread adoption.

“However, unanswered questions remain: What energy efficiency measures are needed alongside heat pumps? How much will it cost to install heat pumps in different types of home? What impact will this have on energy bills and fuel poverty?”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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