Retrofitting target announced as part of capital’s climate action plan

A PROPOSAL aiming to help all Edinburgh residents properly retrofit their homes (to become energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions) is one of seven responses to public approval to make the city ‘net zero’ and ‘climate resilient’.

Says a city council media release (here): “More the 900 residents and stakeholders shared their views on the draft [2030 Climate Strategy] over [a] 12-week summer consultation, through a series of online workshops and engagement sessions and the council’s online survey.”

It adds: “The early findings reveal that respondents not only support what the draft strategy aims to do, but how it proposes to take action and deliver on the city’s goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.”

The seven responses are as follows:

  • Creating a partnership of financial investment and delivery organisations to develop a business case for how all Edinburgh’s citizens will be able to affordably retrofit their homes in partnership with the Scottish Futures Trust.  
  • Developing an Edinburgh Community Climate Forum to help empower citizens, encourage behaviour change and community activism on climate action. It will be sponsored by the Council and delivered independently by EVOC and Our Future Edinburgh.
  • Bringing forward business case proposals for community energy generation schemes across the city, with Energy for Edinburgh.
  • Working with Lothian Buses to decarbonise their bus fleet by 2023 and developing a plan for shared public service charging hubs.
  • Developing a costed climate change risk assessment for the city and a new city adaptation plan by 2022/23, alongside a regional approach.
  • Establishing a business led Economic Transition Forum and also a new Business for Good programme through Edinburgh CAN B to provide practical support and training for businesses across the city to transition to net zero. 
  • Developing a citywide programme/pipeline of green investment proposals with a Climate Strategy Investment Programme Board.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland