Revamp for major rail junction

ONE of Scotland’s most important rail junctions has been re-vamped, to help improve its efficiency.

The junction – at the South Lanarkshire village of Carstairs – has undergone a 12-week programme of construction work.

Says rail infrastructure company, Network Rail, here: “It was all part of a £164m Scottish Government investment to fully remodel the junction, making it more reliable and better able to cope with future passenger and freight demands.

“New track sections, overhead lines, signalling and telecoms were installed, with improvements to station platforms, embankments and drainage across the junction.

“The logistical challenge was immense with safety – as always – the key priority. Around 300 people and a mix of engineering trains, rail vehicles, construction plant and machinery all carried out work on site on a daily basis.”

The announcement continues: “Throughout the closure, Network Rail and freight operators kept supply chains moving on the railway rather than by road, reducing the potentially negative environmental impact.

“This involved diverting around 1,000 freight trains, equating to some 360,000 tonnes of goods, to keep store shelves stocked and production lines operating.”

Picture credit: Network Rail

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