Review raises option of ban on disposable vaping devices

A BAN on the sale and use of disposable vaping devices (a nicotine alternative to cigarettes) is potentially on the cards, following a call for evidence on how they are disposed of.

The correct disposal of these ‘e-cigarettes’ requires visiting a dedicated waste recycling centre, with any batteries requiring to be similarly disposed of, responsibly.

Therefore, it is no surprise they are often discarded as litter, or in general refuse, which risks igniting a fire.

This is recognised in a Scottish Government announcement, here, which says: “The disposable smoking devices have been linked to issues including litter, plastic waste and fire risk.”

Also says the government: “The review, which comes in response to emerging concerns around the negative consequences of the disposable devices, will inform potential policy responses, which could include a ban of the products.”

The call for evidence is being led by the not-for-profit environmental organisation, Zero Waste Scotland, part-funded by the Scottish Government.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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